Blocks on the Blockchain: NFT Marketplace Brings Minecraft Integration

Japan’s largest Bitcoin exchange is expanding into the wide world of NFTs. Your future offer could also be attractive to gamers.

The Japanese Bitcoin Profit exchange Coincheck is working on its own trading platform for non-fungible tokens (NFT). The company announced on September 9ththat tokens linked to the popular sandbox game Minecraft will also be tradable via the platform.

Coincheck entered into a cooperation with the blockchain developer Enjin

NFTs are unique Ethereum-based tokens that, due to their uniqueness, serve as proof of authenticity and ownership. This technology serves as the foundation for numerous applications. On the one hand, it allows shares in expensive assets such as real estate or works of art to be tokenized. Starting with the notorious CryptoKitties, however, there are also a large number of digital collectibles in the form of NFTs on the blockchains of this world.

So it seems only logical that Coincheck also wants a piece of the pie. With two million users, the company is considered the largest Bitcoin exchange in Japan. The planned NFT marketplace is to cover the entire range of tokenized assets. Your trade will be done with crypto currencies. The marketplace starts this year, Coincheck is currently looking for further partners.

While Coincheck is still working on the planned NFT platform, the plug-in developed by Enjin, with which Minecraft can connect to the Blockchian world, is already available today. EnjinCraft allows players to bring weapons and other in-game items in token form and store them in the Enjin Wallet. Blockchain assets can thus be traded within the game with Bitcoin and Co.

What has just been described is only a fraction of the possibilities for integration. Enjin is planning additional and more sophisticated blockchain features for Minecraft under the name MyMetaverse. In the future, players should be able to purchase a piece of the game world on a server for tokens. For this, they can request tokens from their fellow players as a lease fee.

Minecraft had sold 200 million copies of the game as of May 2020, at the same time it had 125 million active users. This suggests that the Minecraft NFT business is definitely profitable.

NFT marketplaces are coming

Meanwhile, Coincheck is not the only company that wants to act as an intermediary in the NFT business. In the games sector, another trading platform for token-shaped objects from video games was formed with the PlayDapp MarketPLAce. Items from the two blockchain games “CryptoDozer” and “DozerBird” can currently be traded on the marketplace from South Korea .

But there are already various competing offers in the art sector, including Superrare and Nifty Gateway .